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Cleaning Equipment


Deep cleaning is different from regular or spring cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home. It covers areas which aren’t traditionally covered by a regular or spring clean such as the inside of the oven, inside window glass and frames, inside the refrigerator and more. We recommend a deep cleaning for your initial clean.

Deep Cleaning: About


Living Areas & Bedrooms

  • Wet Wipe and Clean Furniture

  • Clean and Sanitize Living Room Table and Side Tables

  • Clean and Sanitize Desks 

  • Miscellaneous Items Will Be Placed in Bundle

  • Vacuum/Sweep Floors 

  • Clean Air Conditioning Vents

  • Dust Lamp. Inside and Out

  • Dust Blinds

  • Dust All Furnishings and Decorative Items 

  • Apply Stainless Steel Cleaner to All Steel

  • Apply Wood Polish to Cabinets and Any Other Wood Furniture

  • Clean Walls Where Needed

  • Empty Trash 

  • Fluff and Whip Bed Linens & Make Beds 

  • Clean Outside of Sliding Doors 

  • Vacuum Under Couches and Furniture 

  • Clean Underneath Area Rugs 

  • Clean Baseboards 

  • Inspect and remove Cobwebs

  • Clean Window Interiors & Dust Window Blinds 

  • Clean Inside Cabinets and Drawers ( If Empty)


  • Clean and Sanitize Sink and Faucet

  • Clean and Sanitize Counter tops

  • Mirrors Cleaned

  • Clean and Sanitize Hardwood/Tile Floors 

  • Remove and Empty/Replace Trashcan Lining 

  • Clean and Sanitize Tub/Shower

  • Clean and Sanitize Chrome Fixtures

  • Organize in Neatly Manner Vanities 

  • Clean and Sanitize Toilet

  • Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors 

  • Wipe Down Towel Rack 

  • Towels Neatly Hung and/or Folded 

  • Spot Clean Door

  • Spot Clean Walls (Tile or Latex Paint)

  • Dust Light Fixtures

  • Dust/Clean Floor Mats

  • Apply Wood Polish Cleaner For Sparkle

  • Apply Stainless Polish For Sparkle


  • Clean & Sanitize Sink & Faucets

  • Clean & Sanitize All Counter tops 

  • Clean Outside of All Appliances

  • Clean Inside of Microwave

  • Wipe Clean Exterior of Cabinets 

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors

  • Wipe Off Table and Chairs 

  • Wipe and Clean Outside of Fridge

  • Clean Inside of Fridge (empty)

  • Clean Inside of Oven

  • Wipe Down Inside of Cabinets and Shelves

  • Clean Under Stovetop

  • Clean Exhaust Fan/Hood

  • Wash Out Wastebaskets and Replace Trash Bags

  • Wash Dishes 

  • Apply Wood Polish to Cabinets and Any Other Wood Furniture

  • Apply Stainless Steel Cleaner to All Steel Appliances

  • Clean Inside of Dishwasher

Deep Cleaning: Welcome
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